Chaos Unleashed DLC Hits Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Along With New Skins

Lets face it, the Space Marines of the Warhammer 40k universe are pretty badass, but they’re nothing compared to the sheer awesomeness of Chaos, whose soul desire is carnage, blood and more carnage. So it’s good news, then, that THQ have just released the brand new Chaos Unleashed DLC pack for their Space Marine simulator, which adds in the new Exterminatus co-op mode where you and up to three friends take on the role of Chaos Space Marines and mow down the Imperial Guard and Ork horde. You can find this new pack for download on the marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, so why don’t you go get some blood for the blood God?

If that wasn’t enough then you’ll also get an update for your game that adds in Capture the Flag to multiplayer for free. And finally the following Chapter skins are available to download for 240MSP each: Blood Angels, Legion of the Damned, Salamanders and the Alpha Legion.

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