DICE Respond To Battlefield 2143 Rumours. Sort Of.

Everyone likes a good rumour, and the one about DICE doing Battlefield 2143 have been flying around the internet quicker than those bloody arrow to the knee jokes. It’s all due to just one lonely picture taken by a gamer in Battlefield 3 as he was playing the new Back to Karkand DLC pack of a crate with the simple numbers, “2143” on it. Of course gamers immediately declared that this meant a sequel to Battlefield 2142 was on the way.

But now DICE, or at least Global Community Manager Daniel Matros, have deemed it time to respond to the rumours via the black magic of Twitter. Daniel had this to say: “I will let the rumors linger a bit before making a statement. It amuses me.” Utter bastard that he is.

So there you have it. You’re just going to have to wait.

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  1. I wrote a similar article about this topic in my blog. I think that there is a need for this game to come out. Especially because of the dried up modern warfare market. BF2142 is like the unsung hero of the BF series. I think this could give a good reboot for the BF series.

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  2. Yeah, I played the other Battlefield games but they just sucked compared to BF2142. I could never really get in to them like I did with 2142. It became a day and night routine. The play style is very addicting. Everyone out there has a cookie cutter FPS but BF2142 spins it just right.

    The last game that had this kind of pull was Tribes2.

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