Respawn Tease Their First Ever Game With Worlds Most Blurry Screenshot

You may recall a little while back that Infinity Ward had a bit of an argument with Activision. Actually, argument is putting it lightly; there was a big argument, lots of threats and finally a lawsuit before the two bosses of Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella, walked out, taking quite a few Infinity Ward guys with them and forming a brand new company called Respawn who are working with none other than EA. In short, then, it was a bit like watching an episode of Eastenders, but with considerably better acting.

Still, since Respawn formed there’s been a lot of speculation about what their first new title for EA will be. So far details have been sketch, with only two things actually being known; it will be a multi-platform game, and it’s going to be a brand new IP, which is hardly surprising.

But now with Christmas almost upon us and New Year looming like a freaking’ iceberg, Respawn have decided that we need a little something to catch our interest and get us talking, so behold the blurriest screenshot in existence:

Yes, that is actually the screenshot they released, which was presumably taken by the worlds most drunken cameraman as he attempted to fend off a particularly irate lion. Of course the internet is already rife with speculation about what the hell this blurry mess actually is. My personal opinion is that the screenshot is hinting at an FPS in what would seem to be an almost postapocalyptic setting.

Feel free to post your own theories, no matter how insane they may be.

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