The Xbox 360’s List Of Exclusives For 2012 Isn’t Impressive

Exclusive games aren’t exactly the Xbox 360’s strong point, but in 2011 we did at least get two of the biggest ones; Gears of War 3 and Forza 4. However, 2012 isn’t looking very promising for Xbox 360 exclusives, with just six measly games making up the list of currently known exclusive titles, and two of those aren’t even technically exclusive to our beloved console. Still, it’s early days and there’s still plenty of time for more games to be announced. Until then, here’s the ones we currently know about:
Halo 4

Despite the shiny number four at the end of its name, the new Halo game, which will be the start of a brand new trilogy, is actually the 7th title in the famous franchise and is easily the biggest name in this list of exclusives coming out in 2012. It’s the first Halo game to be developed by 343 Studios since they took over the series from Bungie and will continue the story of Master Chief and Cortana. The announcement of another trilogy is, if I’m honest, quite worrying as it’s starting to push Halo into the territory of an over-milked franchise, but hopefully 343 will show that they know how to make a Halo game with their own unique flavour. Regardless,  Halo 4 will be leading the meagre charge of exclusives for 2012.

Fable: The Journey

The fourth game in the Fable series is a stand-alone title, meaning it’s separate from the main games, and will be for Kinect only. In a radical change for the series, Fable: The Journey will be using the Unreal 3 engine to power its magic based gameplay which lets players use their hands to manipulate magic, mostly by ‘drawing’ items to conjure them up and using them to defeat enemies. Using this magic you can create spears, shields, hammers, fishing rods and more. The game’s story will focus on Theresa and a Dweller as they try to reach the Spire, all the while trying to avoid th Corruption which is chasing them down. Following the first demo for the game, the public were hardly impressed with fans of the series criticizing the games “on-rails” gameplay, but Lionhead have since stated that much of the games features, such as the navigation system, were removed from the demo to ensure that it all went smoothly during the public showing, and that Fable: The Journey will actually be more open and accessible than any game previously seen in the series, and that it will likely be bigger as well. Should Peter Molyneux’s claims actually be accurate for a change, The Journey could be the biggest Kinect exclusive yet.

Kinect Star Wars

Another exclusive title for Kinect, and this one also happens to be sporting a name that is bound to immediately net it big sales when it releases in 2012. The name of the game literally explains everything you need to know; you’ll use Kinect to fight enemies with a lightsaber, fling droids around with the Force and generally live out all of your Jedi fantasies without having to do all that training malarky and risking getting a limb chopped off by a bloke who wears far too much black and could really do with stopping smoking.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

The third game on this list of exclusives isn’t even a full retail title, but rather an Xbox Live Arcade sequel to Alan Wake, which while received well by critics didn’t sell that well. But having said that, American Nightmare does look like it’s set to really show us what Arcade titles are capable of. The game also seems to be more action orientated than it’s predecessor, which is slightly disappointing, but other than that we don’t really know too much about this title.


Minecraft is the first of two games on this list which isn’t exactly exclusive to Xbox 360, but rather to Microsoft. As you doubtless know Minecraft is currently available on the 360’s big brother for download, but in 2012 the famous indie game will be arriving on console along with Kinect support. Despite the fact that Minecraft isn’t coming from a developer with a name like Infinity Ward, Epic or Bungie, Minecraft is possibly one of the most anticipated games of 2012, which is a bit baffling because you can just go play the bloody thing right now. Hell, even ancient computers can usually run it! But of course the appeal on consoles is being able to easily play with your friends and brag about how you just spent hundreds of hours crafting a replica of Moya or Serenity (sci-fi geek reference. For everyone else, replace, ‘Moya’ and, ‘Serenity’ with Enterprise from Star Trek).

The Witcher: Assassin’s of Kings

Assassin’s of Kings is the second game on this list that isn’t exactly an exclusive; it’s already available on PC. But in 2012 it’ll be coming to consoles, which is a relief because it requires quite a chunky PC to run it. While Halo 4 might be getting all the attention, to me The Witcher is the most exciting exclusive for 2012 that we currently know of, bringing an epic RPG with great combat, a beautiful world and interesting characters. The big challenge will actually be getting Assassin’s of Kings to work on consoles without something blowing up or catching fire.

So there we have it, a list of just six games that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 in 2012. It’s clear from this that Microsoft need to grab their wallet and hunt down some new games to add to their library. Ah well, there’s still plenty of awesome multiplatform games to look forward to in the coming year.

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  1. Unfortunately, the XBox 360 has never been a very good platform for exclusives unless you enjoy competitive multiplayer. Halo, Gears of War, and Forza Motorsport all stand out. There’s a few successes on the XBox 360 that don’t quite gain the attention of many others, like Alan Wake and Metro 2033. Though besides that, quality exclusives are still mostly Sony’s job.

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was a game that had training wheels: 343 Industries took a game that already existed and just remade it. I don’t have a lot of confidence in Halo 4, unfortunately, and Gears of War is (supposedly) getting a prequel trilogy. More like Stars of War, lolol. Forza isn’t really dropping in quality, judging by the reviews.

    As for the Fable series? I try to forget that it even exists. They’re some of the most overhyped, mediocre RPGs I’ve ever played, personally. Fable 1 and 2 were fun in their own ways, but Fable 3 not only killed it for me, but desecrated the corpses.

    Only time will tell if these games will do good, but two of them aren’t technically exclusive, two are Kinect slaves, one is an XBLA title, and the last one is being made by a different developer. It might seem cross of me, but of all those games, I have the most faith in Alan Wake: American Nightmare, but I’m still not sure what to think of that game.

    The PS3 has several games that are assuredly exclusive to it, on the other hand: Starhawk, Ni No Kuni, Twisted Metal, Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time, Tales of Graces ƒ, Sorcery (kind of looks like a Move slave), The Last Guardian (nah, just kidding, it’s like Sony’s Duke Nukem Forever), and The Last Of Us (although it doesn’t have a release planned for 2012, it’s the exclusive I’m looking most forward to).

    But like I said, I’ve never seen the XBox 360 as being very weighty when it comes to its exclusives. They’re either competitive multiplayer or not very good, though there is a gray area that I reserve on the off-chance.

    • I do agree that the 360 isn’t the king when it comes to the exclusives, which is a real shame as it’s the one area, to me, that it needs to fix. I find that the few exclusives it does have are strong, such as Gears of War, but the loss of Mass Effect 3 was a big blow in my opinion.

      I’ve got high hopes for Halo 4, mostly because I’m not the biggest fan of the Halo series and I’m hoping that 343’s take on it will suit me more, but the announcement of a trilogy has me worried because it felt more like a decision that was made simply to try and keep their biggest named franchise going, rather than a decision to keep it going because it has more to give. To me the series needs to change if it wants to be competitive in the next-gen.

      I happily admit that I do love the Gears series; it’s the game I think of when I think Xbox 360. What we do know is there will be more games set in the Gears universe, and that a prequel would seem the most likely as you’ve got the Pendulum Wars and Emergence day both ripe for it. But your comment on the Star Wars prequel trilogy mirrors my own fears.

      I quite enjoy the Fable series: they’re light-hearted, simple games that I can just sit down, kick back and enjoy for a few hours without a problem, which is nice. But I can understand why people wouldn’t enjoy them.

      What I do find strange, though, is that while the PS3 has more exclusives to its name, they generally struggle. The answer I come to is poor marketing on Sony’s behalf, but that’s just a guess.

    • This article listed 6 exclusives (so far) for xbox, and you’ve listed 7– 2 of which no one will play. I’m not seeing a clear winner, to be honest. Sony lost Final Fantasy as an exclusive, MS lost Mass Effect… the days of hundreds of market-changing exclusives may be gone before we know it.

      • Indeed, we do seem to be witnessing the fall of exclusives, which is a shame for us gamers because the exclusivity war drove companies to make better and better products

    • At the moment Fable: The Journey isn’t even on my list of anticipated games, simply because I don’t actually have a Kinect! I keep looking at it, checking my bank balance and then deciding that the games just don’t appeal to me enough to warrant a purchase of one 🙁

      I’ve not had the pleasure of playing Witcher 2 on PC, but from what you and many other people are saying about it I’m really looking forward to playing it on Xbox 360.

    • Almost spot-on, mate. I actually forgot about it when I first put up the list, and then I considered adding it but with no solid information I was a little unsure. It’s almost certain to come out this year, though.

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