WARNING: Halo 4 BETA Invites Are Fake

If you’re one of the millions of Halo fans across the globe then there’s a good chance that you search the internet for news of a Beta on an almost daily basis in the hopes that you might get to have some fun with the game well before its release. So you might have been surprised¬† that several sites did in fact pop all, of them offering Beta codes for Halo 4 as long as you sign up.

Well, surprise surprise, they’re entirely fake. Truth be told they’re actually those nasty phishing scams that you hear about. You know, the ones that ask you to sign up by providing every single detail of your life and then proceed to access your Xbox Live account and more.

David Ellis of 343 Industries said on Twitter: “If you see a page claiming to allow you to sign up for a Halo 4 beta be advised, IT’S A FAKE.”

But don’t despair just yet, because if the Halo tradition continues then there will most likely be a Beta for Halo 4.¬† Just have patient, and most importantly, be careful.

You’ve been warned, now go play, kids.

You’ve been warned. Now go on and go play, kids.

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