Simpsons Arcade Game Coming To XBLA On February 3rd. Achievements Revealed

Xbox 360 Arcade games often have their release dates announced mere weeks or even days before their actual release, but Konami’s announcement that the Simpsons Arcade Game would be releasing on Xbox Live Arcade this Friday, February 3rd, definitely wins the award for being last-minute.

The classic title will come with some pretty major upgrades, including 4-player online co-op, an unlockable Japanese mode,  Simpsons character guide and in-game posters and flyers, all for the price of 800MSP. The lucky sods over on Playstation 3 can get the game for free when it releases onto PSN on February 7th, providing that they’re PS Plus members, otherwisee they’ll have to pay for it.

And if this wasn’t enough Simpsons goodness for you, then here’s the Achievement list for ya:

Mr. Sparkle  25
From stage 1, make it to the stage 3 bosses in Survival Mode with the Japanese ROM.

Easier Than Arm Wrestling  10
Defeat the Wrestler without any player dying.

Falling For Smithers  10
Playing from stage 1, fall through the deck after Smithers.

It Tastes Like Burning  10
Hit Smithers with one of his own bombs.

Dysfunctional Family  10 
Play in a f-player match with three other people

Bongo’s Angst  10
Playing from stage 1, get Bongo to appear in 4 different levels

Battling Seizure Robots  10
Playing from stage 1, defeat the battling robot.

Helper Monkey  10
While performing a Team Attack, damage 25 enemies.

Best Score Ever  25
Earn 250 points (US) or 25,000 points (Japan) in a game.

Releasing The Hounds  25
Complete the game in 30 minutes or less.

Like Taking Candy From A Baby  25
Complete the game four times, once with each character.

“Excellent”  30
Complete the game on Expert difficulty in individual Quarters mode.

Thanks to Xbox360Achievements for the Achievements.

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