New Call Of Duty Title Confirmed for 2012

In what is quite possible the most shocking and unexpected news in the known universe the massive company known as Activision have revealed that there will indeed be a new title in the slightly popular Call of Duty series in 2012. This surprising revelation came during Activision’s 4th Quarterly earnings call that was held earlier today where they also proudly revealed that Modern Warfare 3 had grossed over $1-billion, which is just bloody scary.

During the call Activision stated that they were planning on releasing a new title under the Call of Duty brand in 2012, saying: “the next Call of Duty will bring meaningful innovation to the series.” Other than that, though, no other details were revealed.

They were also keen to stress that their new Elite service had gotten over 7-million subscribers with 1.5 of those being Premium members. They were very impressed with its performance, and so it came as no surprise that the company announced that it was already working on Elite 2.0 to be integrated into the next Call of Duty title.

If Activision follow the usual plan they you can expect the new Call of Duty title to be announced around May, developed by Treyarch and released in November. Zombies will likely be included in their somewhere, as will screaming kids that aren’t supposed to be playing the damn thing.


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  1. Though I defend Modern Warfare 3, I do admit that innovation wouldn’t hurt the Call of Duty franchise. I just think that the formula was strong enough to last Modern Warfare three games. It probably won’t do it much of a service unless they do something about the next game. Say what you want, but if you’re looking for innovation, Treyarch probably can serve you better than Infinity Ward. I just hope the game is, you know, good.

    I’d be angry at Activision for announcing this so soon, but everyone saw it coming.

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