Kojima Productions Looking For People To Work On The “Next” Metal Gear Solid!

Game developers putting up advertisements looking for new staff has long been a great source for learning what titles are currently in development. Today that trend has continued as Kojima Productions have announced that they’re looking to hire people to work on the next Metal Gear Solid title, which features everyone’s favorite eye-patch wearing, gravely voiced Big Boss, at next months Game Developers Conference,

The advertisement simply states, ‘ BIG BOSS WANTS YOU! THE “NEXT”MGS!’ and that they’re hiring “Project engineers for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC”. 

And if that wasn’t enough, a simple click on the classified document on the right of the screen reveals some rather tasty artwork of BigBoss, pictured above.  Take note of the style of clothing BigBoss is wearing, the yellow patch on his arm and the dog standing behind him. All of which are surely clues to what he’ll be getting up to next.

So, another MGS!  are you excited? Apprehensive about there being another one? Have you got any theories about the story? Let us know below! And to check out the advertisement itself, and what positions they’re looking to fill, click HERE.


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  1. Nick Jones says:

    I have a feeling Kojima is only doing this because he doesn’t want to let down the people who were excited for “Metal Gear Solid 5.” He really doesn’t want to make it, but he doesn’t want to let the fans down, either. I have to say, whether or not you like Kojima, you have to respect him for his devotion. He said himself that he’ll “probably have to make MGS5.”

    I kind of wish he could move on to different things rather than Metal Gear Solid. I’m sure he’s got a lot of creativity that he wants to use, but the weight of a critically acclaimed franchise is weighing down on him.

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