Vampires Coming To Saints Row: The Third In New Bloodsuckers DLC

Saints Row: The Third is insane. It’s a game created by nutters for nutters, filled to the brim with absurd moments that rarely make sense but are damn good fun nonetheless. The continuing DLC packs have only helped to emphasis this insanity by providing such wonderful toys as a gun that  covers victims in intestines before a shark pops up from underneath them and gobbles them up. And now things are about to get even wierd as THQ have announced that the Bloodsuckers pack will be available to download on either February 27th or February 28th for the price of 180MSP. Because clearly the zombies weren’t enough.

In case the title of this news piece and the name of the pack hasn’t clued you in, the Bloodsuckers DLC will give your beloved, and presumably rather odd-looking, character a brand new ability which allows him or her to suck the blood of the innocent, thereby healing yourself and freaking out everyone else around you.  Thankfully there’s been no mention of this pack also making you sparkle in the daylight or fall in love with a girl that can’t make up her bloody mind.

That’s not quite all, though, as the pack will also grant the following perks:

– A permanent 25% increase to cash earned
– Hourly city income increase by $2,500
– 20% increase to respect earned
– 4X the amount of cash dropped by people

So, to summarise, that’s becoming a vampire and four perks for 180MSP, available to download soon. As for the exact release date, that’s where things get a little odd. The trailer clearly states February 27th as Bloodsuckers day, but the official Saints Row website is claiming February 28th as the date, though even that’s a little hazy as it states, ” The Bloodsucker Pack releases on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Steam, and OnLive on or around February 28th for 160 MS Points or $1.99.”. Regardless, it’ll be out soon.

Oh, and I demand kudos for not making a ” I vant your Microsoft Points” joke.

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  1. Doesn’t sound much better than the other DLC released, but at least it doesn’t look overpriced. It’s just some trivial perks being released to give THQ an excuse to cash in. Although I like THQ, I don’t like what they’ve done to Saints Row: The Third.

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