Is There An Xbox 720 “Durango” Developer Summit Being Held In London?

It’s time for a bit of crazy Internet speculation and conspiracy as a since deleted tweet from Crytek developer Sean Tracy sparked rumours that a secret conference regarding the Xbox 720 is being held in London this week.

Later last year rumours were circulating that Crytek, famous for the Crysis series, already had their hands on Xbox 720 tech and were using it to develop Timesplitters 4 as a launch title for the next-gen console, but they quickly denied any such rumours.

And then earlier this month Kotaku reported that they’d heard from multiple sources that the Xbox 720 had been codenamed….Durango. Um, yeah. Anyway, Kotaku didn’t make it clear exactly who any of these sources were, and so coupled with the fact that Kotaku often post wild speculations without too much solid evidence many people just nodded, smiled and quietly filed the information away for reference.

But now some new information has surface tying both the Crytek and Kotaku rumours together, all courtesy of a single tweet today from Crytek developer Sean Tracy. The tweet read, ” Enjoying the Durango developers summit in London. So far, great swag and interesting talks”. The tweet has since been removed and, in a strange turn of events, his Twitter account has also seemingly vanished as a search for that username turns up nothing. Perhaps he was simply annoyed at being unable to tweet anything without lots of people grabbing screenshots of it, but can he really blame us when it’s so interesting? Everyone likes a good conspiracy!

Please remember to take this with a pinch of salt as absolutely everything at this point is pure speculation, but still, it is quite interesting. Thoughts, theories? Let us know below.

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