Trials Evolution To Be Released On April 18th?

Eager Trials HD fans around the globe are currently going slowly insane as they patiently await any little snippet of information that might reveal to them the release date of Trials Evolution, the direct sequel to Trials HD that is taking the series to whole new levels of awesome with multiplayer, better graphics, more track creation options, track sharing and so much more! But now we may have finally gotten some clues as to when Trials Evolution will be arriving.

The first clue came during an interview held by Digital Spy with RedLynx, Trials Evolution’s developers, just a few days ago. Of course the interview itself was incredibly interesting, so be sure to check that out at the above link, but the exciting news came at the bottom of the page where it states this: “Trials Evolution will be released for Xbox Live Arcade in April 2012.”

This is hardly conclusive proof, though. It could be that this date was confirmed by RedLynx during the interview or it could be pure speculation on Digital Spy’s part, although they do state that date with complete confidence. It is at least backed up by the fact that RedLynx have stated previously that the game would be coming sometime in Spring, which puts in around March, April or May, with rumours having been circulating that April would be the month of choice.

But now a  little more evidence has appeared courtesy of Marketplace, which has provided a precise release date if April 18th:

But wait, because that’s not all: Microsoft have since edited the Marketplace page for Trials Evolution, removing the April 18th release date providing a brand new  date of 12/31/2799 in its place. So, was this just an honest mistake by someone who got their dates wrong or were Microsoft trying to cover up the fact that they’d made yet another slip-up and revealed the release date of a game?

Regardless I do remind you to take this with a pinch of salt, yet the evidence is fairly compelling. If it’s true then roll on April 18th.

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