Mass Effect 3 Fan Protests Get Serious: Cupcakes Unleashed!

It’s nearly impossible to go near any gaming site on the Internet at the moment and not find at least a dozen or so articles, rants and hundreds of forum posts all protesting the ending of Mass Effect 3. At first it was a rather interesting, but then it all started getting a bit daft with law suits being filed and a hell of a lot of rage. Still, at least the message is clear: we ain’t happy with your ending Bioware. In case you weren’t already aware, there’s a fairly large movement that’s attempting to get Bioware to actually change the ending of the game. If nothing else, at least Bioware can be happy in the knowledge that they created a series which inspires true passion amongst its fans.

But now a group of dedicated Mass Effect lovers have come up with an ingenious way of protesting against the ending: cupcakes. No, seriously, cupcakes. Look, I’m not making this stuff up, they really are going to protest with cupcakes! Let me explain….

This groups glorious idea is to send Bioware boxes full of cupcakes with red, blue and green frosting that all taste exactly the same! Get it? No? Well, go and play the damn game then! But if the cupcakes themselves weren’t enough, they’re also thinking about sending along a note to ensure Bioware get the message, assuming they’re not too busy scoffing themselves stupid, anyway.

Interestingly it also appears that the campaign was originally going to be using donuts rather than cupcakes.

You can find the campaign over at Hold the Line, and pledge your own support should you wish, or over on the Bioware Social Network, where it’s gathering considerable support.

So, wha do you think? Is the most ingenious way of protesting a game ever created? Will Bioware be glad to get free cupcakes? Or do you think this is all getting just a bit silly?

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