Fez Finally Gets A Release Date!

Having been announced waaaaaaaaay back in 2007 it’s fair to say that fans of Fez, a bonkers platformer that plays in 2d but lets you shift your perspective around to navigate the 3d environment, have been waiting quite some time for the game to finally arrive on Xbox Live Arcade. In the time it has taken for Polytron to finally get around to announcing a release date we’ve had a total of five Call of Duty games, four Assassin’s Creed games and four bloody Twilight Saga films. Four of them! And it’s not even over yet! But I digress.

Today Polytron Corporation, hereby known as those buggers who made us wait, announced the release date and price of Fex for Xbox Live Arcade. The price, ladies and gentlemen, is a tasty 800MSP, while the release date is….take a deep breath….. April 13th, 2012. That’s right, for some strange reason they’ve decided to release Fez on Friday the 13th.

To make this announcement Polytron created what can only be described as seizure inducing color explosion in GIF format. If you want to go check them out invest in some sunglasses and head over to THIS LINK.

The big question, though, is after five years can Fez deliver?


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