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Good afternoon ladies and chimps that have learned to use computers,

You might have noticed that all has been a bit quiet on here lately and that’s simply because I’ve been away taking a short holiday! As such I was without Internet access so obviously that meant no news, reviews and other such things. But now that I’m back and have had a day to recover from the copious amounts of drink, usual service will resume, which will include reviews for two games that have hit XBLA lately: The Splatters and, of course, Trials Evolution.

You may have also noticed that a reviews for a Playstation 3 title and a PC title have popped up here, namely Wheels of Destruction and Confrontation, both written by the ingenious Mr Andrew Hallam who has kindly agreed to come on board and write reviews for PC and Playstation 3 games. This also means that some news for aforementioned platforms will be getting posted, although do keep in mind that this is still just an independent site that runs on a volunteer basis, so not every bit of news will be getting posted up, because every now and then sleep is required as is food and other such things. Honestly, it would be far easier if we were robots.

Since writing this post the fantastic people at CDProjekt Red, the developers of the Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition have been in touch and have bundled up a review copy of the game and sent it out, so that should be with us in a few days! Please keep in mind the review might take a while as it’s a chunky game and, excitingly, we’ve also got quite a few other titles in for review at the moment:

Prototype 2
Battleship: The VideoGame
Trials Evolution
Fable: Heroes.

I foresee some sleepless but bloody fun nights ahead!

As for others reviews coming up we’ve been trying to secure a copy of the Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 for review, but are currently getting no response from the UK publishers of the game. Thanks to you wonderful people this site now works with almost every big company in the industry and therefore I and Andrew Hallam are lucky enough to get an ample supply of games in for review, but occasionally these things do happen. If no review copy is forthcoming then I’ll check the monetary funds to see if I can afford a copy of the game, but like everyone else at the moment money is tight. Sorry folks!

Still, other reviews will of course be appearing, though exactly what and when is unknown at the moment.

And finally I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone that reads this site almost ever day!  Currently we’re getting around a thousand people per day visiting the site, which is far more than I ever thought possible! So once again, thank you all.

Baden Ronie.

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  1. You requested it too late, we received ours a full 4 weeks before launch. So you had to request it months in advance. Publishers disapprove of speaking publically like that, you’ll just cause even more problems for yourself. Rather childish to be fair to whine about it.

    • Hey Sean,

      We had the request in plenty early and the great guys at Evolve PR even sent out an Email, but alas no luck.

      As you can see I did edit my words a little regarding it as they were too strong, but at the end of the day we’ve had people asking about a Witcher review and the reasons for not doing one, so we said it straight: we haven’t gotten a copy. If the publishers don’t like that then that’s their problem and not ours as we simply stated a fact.

      Publishers have this veil of secrecy that surrounds them which really isn’t needed and sites are too often scared to say anything at all about them in case they don’t get games anymore. If they want to get angry and blacklist us for stating a fact, that’s their choice to make, and we certainly won’t hold it against ’em if they do, but they have no real reason to.

      Hopefully I can pick up a copy down the line because it looks like a great game and right up my alley! But at the moment money is short and what I do have has to be used for a few trips to take part in a research study, but maybe I can sell my grandma. She has to be worth a few bob 😀

      Glad to hear you guys got a copy, though! Really enjoyed the review.

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