New Site Aims To Offer Solution To Publishers War On Pre-Owned Games

Even if you’ve been living under the largest rock on Earth there’s almost no chance that you haven’t heard about the war on pre-owned games currently being waged by some of the biggest publishers out there. Their claim is a simple one: developement costs these days are huge  they get no profit from second-hand sales of their titles, and since a game can be traded-in and bought many times over that’s quite a bit of money that they’re not seeing go in to their pockets to help fund further projects. Of course the big counter argument is that most of the gamers who do trade-in and buy pre-owned wouldn’t be a new copy of the game anyway due to the high retail price, meaning that the publishers aren’t actually losing as much money as they claim. There are plenty of other arguments and debates going on around the Internet for both sides, but the point is that it has become a hot topic, and one that has had huge ramifications on the gaming market with the introduction of things like Online Passes and even the removal of content from the game itself.

Simply put, the majority of gamers want to continue trading-in and buying second-hand as they’ve always done and the publishers want to put a stop to it, possibly by going download-only in the future. But now a new site, called EKGaming, has implemented an idea that many people have been talking about and are hoping to put an end to the war.

EKGaming is essentially an online shop where you can trade-in your games and use the credit to purchase new ones to play. Because it’s an online shop they’re running costs are considerably less than a physical shop such as GAME, and because of this they’re promising to offer 20-30% more trade-in value per game than your average local retail shop. But that’s not the interesting part: 10% of the profit from each game sold will go directly to the publishers, which could potentially be a considerable revenue stream should the site attract enough customers. 

“Publishers are spending record amounts of cash on new game development. This increase in dev costs is steering them in directions that don’t necessarily jive with gamers, causing them to take less risks on new and potentially exciting IP’s or game mechanics and sticking with tried and true properties that are more of a guarantee. We want to share our used game revenue with them so they can continue investing in new gaming experiences without worrying about the negative effects used games could be having on their operation(s).” said Mike Kennedy, the CEO of EKGaming.

“EKG is the first Pro-Industry used game retailer.  What do we mean by “Pro-Industry”?  Well to put it simply, while other used game retailers are taking advantage of both gamers by offering them low trade-in values and video game publishers by not sharing “used” game revenue with them, we aim to take care of both gamers and video game publishers, alike.” States the site.

So, have EKGaming hit upon the solution to all of this? And will you consider using their site in the future?

Go have a look at the site and let us know what you think:

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