Skyrim DLC Details And Release Date To Be Revealed This Week?

Let’s face it, gamers are not a patient bunch. The constant stream of crappy DLC released just weeks or even days after a game’s launch has resulted in the current generation of gamers have less patience than an angry man stuck behind an old woman driving a Skoda. As such many fans were expecting Bethesda to release their first DLC a mere month after the games release, but Bethesda remained adamant that it would be done when it was done and that they were going to be releasing fully fledged expansion packs rather than measly little add-ons.

In other, quality takes time. The Shivering Isles for Oblivion was the perfect example of this. But now it seems that Bethesda are getting ready to finally announce what their DLC is going to be and possibly even when its going to be released as Peter Hines of Bethesda took to his Twitter account and said this:

It’s about bloody time! Ok, I admit it, even I was a starting to get a little bit impatient for some news.

It’s also worth remember that the Xb0x 360 is going to be getting any Skyrim DLC before any other platform. In fact, Xbox 360 owners will get a fully 30-days to enjoy the content before anybody else! Not bad, eh?

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