Avengers: Battle for Earth Video Game Coming Soon?

With the Avengers film well and truly amazing everyone that goes to see it, speculation has been running wild on whether an official video game of the film would be getting released. After all, it would make a lot of sense to release a movie tie-in game, especially since we’ve already have separate games for each character and their respective films. But since the game wasn’t announced before the films release everyone has pretty much written the idea off. Until now. 

 Thanks to a domain registration by Marvel, it looks like the Avengers might be getting their game after all. A quick visit to Whois shows that Marvel registered a domain name for Avengers: Battle for Earth on May 3rd. Sounds pretty close to the plot of the film, no?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this, though, is that the domain name is currently residing on Ubisoft’s servers.

So what’s your thoughts: do you want to see an Avengers game, or can you not handle another horrible film based game?

And how awesome was the film!? Pretty damn awesome!

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  1. Ive not seen the film but i’ve heard from a friend that its an amazing film and really well done. Movie tie-in games have always left me disappointed i cant think of one off the top of my head that really caught my attention, but if a movie tie in was to work then id love it to be this one since it has all the big characters in one. I’m hoping if they do make one though they take there time with it and try and get it right rather than hashing it together and rushing it out so that i can bask in the lime light of the film.

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