Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD Will Be Released In June

The Tony Hawk franchise hasn’t exactly been doing that well lately. EA’s Skate series proved to be stiff competition and a fresh take on the skateboarding genre while even the most hardcore Tony Hawk fans were starting to tire of the titles. And then came along Tony Hawk’s Ride and Tony Hawk’s Shred, two peripheral based titles in the series that, and let’s be honest here, put a bullet in the franchises skull and left it to rot in the ground.

So when it was announced that Robomodo, who were responsible for both of the aforementioned peripheral based titles, announced that they were working on a HD remake of the first two Tony Hawk games, fans got pretty damn excited. The title is set to contain level from the first two games and will be running on a brand new engine with touched up graphics, and will also have almost all of the original songs included in the first two games! Not bad, eh?

Still, no release apart from a rather vague “summer” was announced. But now the Bird-Man himself, Mr. Tony Hawk, has revealed via that bloody Twitter thing again that Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD will be released onto XBLA and PSN in June! No specific date was mentioned, but at least that narrows it down a bit!

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