LEGO Lord of the Rings Coming This Summer!


The LEGO series of videogames is now arguably being milked more than the Call of Duty franchise, with a total 42 LEGO games having been released, five of which have been released since the start of 2011 and a sequel to LEGO Batman, titled LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, has also been announced for release this year. That’s a lot of LEGO! Despite this, though, both myself and a hell of a lot of people have a deep love for the franchise due to their charm, comedy and relaxed gameplay. Yet one thing has always been missing from the mine-up. A series of books, and a trilogy of films, that many, myself especially, always thought would make superb LEGO games. I am, of course, speaking of the Lord of the Rings.

So with great excitement I can confirm that today Warner Bro have officially announced LEGO: The Lord of the Rings, coming sometime this summer. The announcement comes via the official LEGO website, but other than the vague release date and a series of small character bios there was no actual details on the game itself. However, thanks to the character Bios we do at least get to see what some of our favorite Lord of the Rings characters look like in LEGO form. Just check out the gallery below.

The huge range of characters should suit the LEGO style of gameplay perfectly, and the films, ,from which the game will be undoubtedly drawing the most from, contain plenty of visual treats that should translate nicely into the game. Fingers crossed, though, that the game also pays attention to the books and includes some of what was missing from the films, such as the encounter with a certain Tom Bombadil.

No platforms for the game were announced, but you can probably bet on all of them being likely.


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