French Company Offering Free Dildos To Forlorn Partners Of Diablo III Players

Let’s be honest, in the gaming industry a lot of strange things happen. We gamers are pretty used to the almost continuous parade of mad ideas and odd goings-on that pervade our hobby. We just tend to laugh at it all and carry on playing. However, sometimes something so strange comes along that you just have to talk about it. In between fits of laughter, anyway.

In this instant its French firm Absoloo offering free, eh, DIY objects to anyone who has lost their partner to the loot-fest that is Diablo III, which has just come out on PC and is currently consuming the lives of people everywhere. That’s right, the French company is offering free dildos to any girl, or, if you’re so inclined, guys, who are feeling a little, shall we say, unsatisfied at night because their partner is playing Diablo III. To claim this free……thing, all you have to do is post a picture of yourself holding the game on the companies Facebook page, at which point you’ll then get a code to enter on their website which will entitle you to your free object of pleasure (+1 screaming).

Currently, there’s quite a lot of people taking the site up on their offer, although whether it’s available to people outside of France is unknown. It’s hard to imagine it is, though, because that would be some pretty expensive shipping costs.

This is quite possibly the greatest advertising gimmick in the history of the universe.

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