Bethesda Release First Trailer For The Dawnguard Expansion Pack For Skyrim

Finally, after months of waiting, Bethesda have released a trailer for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s first expansion pack titled Dawnguard. In the intervening time between announcing the pack and releasing this trailer, speculation has been rife amongst gamers about what it could include, but now we have the first solid details.

The trailer shows two factions: The Dawnguard and a vampiric group led by a mysterious figure. These evil vampires are after the Elder Scrolls for undoubtedly nefarious reasons, while the Dawnguard are intent on stopping them. The trailer itself would seem to indicate that you’ll be able to choose which side to join. What we do know for definite, though is that the trailer shows a new type of vampire that was originally shown off in Bethesda’s Game Jam video, as was several other features that you can see in the trailer, such as crossbows. While we aren’t sure what the perks of joining the Dawnguard will be, the video clearly shows some of the cool things you can expect from the new Vampire Lord form you can assume, such as flying around the place and a seriously cool sonor-style ability which can be used to locate enemies. Perhaps this also means we’ll be seeing  a separate vampire skill tree, a concept that was hinted at back in the Game Jam Video when we witnessed a skill tree for Werewolves. And that raises another point: perhaps we’ll be seeing a werewolf themed expansion down the road as well.

Hopefully Bethesda will reveal some more  details regarding Dawnguard during E3 this week. Until then, enjoy the awesome trailer!

Dawnguard will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace sometime this summer for 1600MSP. Pricing and launch dates for other platforms have not yet been confirmed by Bethesda.

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