Dead Island: Riptide Announced

Ah, zombies. Horrid undead creatures with the intelligence of a brick that in several different varieties, sort of like ketchup, only without the Heinz logo on the side of the bottle, not that zombies come in a bottle. That’d be weird. Anyway, back on topic, if you didn’t get enough zombie bashing fun in Techland’s Dead Island, then you should be happy that they’ve just announced a sequel, titled Dead Island: Riptide, that will be coming to PC and consoles sometime in the future.

And that’s it, really. Techland¬†have not seen fit to disclose any more details than that and the logo you see adorning this page. However, they do promise to reveal more details on the game this summer.

Until then, start gearing up for the zombie outbreak. although, to be fair, with all these shambling, brain-dead people wandering around, it’s quite possible that it’s already happened.

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