Xbox Live System Update, June 20th, 2012

Turn on your Xbox today to get stuck into some LEGO Batman 2 or Lollipop Chainsaw and you might be greeted by a message telling you to download the new update that Microsoft are rolling out for Xbox Live today. A few people got this new update a week or so ago, but now it’s finally becoming more widely available. If you haven’t been prompted to download the new update then don’t worry, you’ll probably get it either in the next few hours, or a day or two at the most.

So, what’s in the update, you ask? Well This:

System Software Changes
Avatar Store added to social on the Dashboard
Updates to the Avatar Store
Adds “Manage Exercise Info” to players Profile
Adds the option to select or remove TV providers in settings > TV
Adds the option to turn off Ratings Collection Sound in settings > Console Settings > Audio
Disables support for unlicensed 3rd-party wireless controllers (e.g. Datel Wildfire Evo).
Bing Pic in Bing Search moves now (Germany)
Xbox Live Changes
Improvements and preparation for future Xbox live Enhancements

Unpublished Changes
CB has Changed
RC4 Key stream Calc Has Changed (“Salt” added to process block)

As you can see, nothing relatively exciting, just small changes to the system in preparation for larger updates.

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  1. Wow, Great update! Now my friends can’t join my parties anymore when I’m logged in longer than an hour or so…

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