Mass Effect 3 Next DLC Revealed? Titled “Leviathan”

Yesterday was a pretty big day for both Bioware and Mass Effect fans as the Extended Cut DLC was released, promising more clarity on the games plot-hole filled endings. So far the reception to Bioware’s free chunk of hefty 1.9GB DLC has been mostly positive with fans happy that things have been better explained and the story given better closure. However, something else popped up in the 1.9GB pack as well: a script pertaining to a new piece of DLC titled Leviathan.

Now, before I go any further, the rest of this news post contains major spoilers regarding the DLC, so if you don’t want to know any plot details then just be happy knowing this:  Micheal Gamble of EA hinted last night on Twitter about more DLC, and now this script has been found in the Extended Cut files, so it seems likely that we’re getting more DLC titled “Leviathan”. Got that? Good. Now, stop reading because here come the story spoilers.

The DLC seemingly deals with Shepard being sent to rescue a scientist named  Ann Brynson on a mining colony. When he arrives he discovers that the entire colony has been under the control of a Reaper named Leviathan for 10-years. In the script, Leviathan is referred to as a traitor that has killed its own kind, and that it will even be possible to eventually recruit him as a War Asset! Wait, what!?

Another piece of script hints that the DLC might also reveal more regarding the Reapers mysterious creators: “So the Reapers did not fully exterminate their creators. That suggests they are fallible, even on large or long-term scales.”

This concept for a DLC has left me feeling rather mixed. On the one hand it’s interesting to see the Reaper’s mysteries coming to light, such as who the hell built them, what they truly are and how their “society” works. And yet, on the other hand it feels like they’ve been weakened: they’re no longer the mysterious, evil, badass race that flies out of dark space and destroys everything. Perhaps Bioware should have left them a complete mystery, with only the occasional tiny little clue to keep players formulating theories about who could have made them, what happened and why.

Anyway, this is not the first time that a Reaper named Leviathan has been mentioned in the Mass Effect series. Scanning the planet Jartar in Mass Effect 1 revealed a “Leviathan of Dis”, the corpse of a now-presumed-dead once-living starship. Shortly after its discovery by a Batarian survey team, a  Batarian dreadnought was dispatched to the planet, at which point the Leviathan mysteriously disappeared. The Batarians deny the existence of the ship, claiming that it never existed, even after the Salarians provided evidence of its existence before it disappeared.

Then, in Mass Effect 3, a character named Balak, assuming you kept him alive during the Bring Down the Sky DLC for Mass Effect 1, tells Shepard that Leviathan was a dormant Reaper which the Batarian scientists awoke. Afterwords the indoctrinated scientists opened the defenses of the Hegemony, opening the door for the Reaper invasion of Batarian space.

This entire thing was discovered by a member of the Bioware forums, whose thread you can find HERE. YOu can read the script which he found on Pastebin by clicking HERE. The information regarding the DLC starts around half-way down, but please remember that the script is full of spoilers for both the DLC and Mass Effect 3 itself. You’ve been warned.

Of course this apparent DLC leak comes after Micheal Gamble yesterday teased new content for the game on Twitter, saying, “As i’ve said before,we do this for you! EC was our gift to the fans.Hope you enjoyed. Also…keep your ears open over the next little while.”. Bioware are due to address fans at the San Diego Comic-con on July 12th to July 15th, so keep your eyes and ears open for a possible announcement then.

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