Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends New Release Dates Confirmed For US And Europe

UPDATE: As you probably know by this point, there’s been considerable confusion regarding this games UK launch. It was, as the below story says, supposed to have been released on July 6th in the UK, but it never appeared. Now Rombax Games, who are the UK publisher for the game, have announced that they’re working on getting the game on UK shelves, but that it could take a few more weeks. Just keep checking your local stores and the internet, people!

 Original Story: Ferrari’s are rather nice, aren’t they? Sadly they also happen to rather expensive and so the vast majority of us will never get a chance to own one, nor are we too likely to ever get the chance to take a Ferrari Formula 1 car around  track, either. Happily, though, Atari are on hand to help out with the latest game in their Test Drive series, Ferrari Racing Legends.

Now, there’s been a lot of confusion surrounding this game regarding release dates and whether it would ever get a European release, but thankfully Atari have now revealed that Test Drive: Ferrari Legends will be releasing in the US on July 3rd and in Europe on July 6th.

Being developed by Slightly Mad Studios, who created the Need for Speed: Shift franchise, the game  features an impressive roster of Ferrari’s ranging from old classics to modern super-beasts to F1 cars, as well as a total of thirty-six circuits on which to put them through their paces. The focus here is on delivering an authentic feeling experience, something which Slightly Mad can hopefully achieve while still managing to give the game a unique feel to set it apart from the other circuit racers out there.

Check out the game’s launch trailer above for an idea of what we’re talking about, or check out the gallery of shiny cars below to see exactly what you can get your hands on in the game:

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