Ubisoft Officially Announce The Expendables 2 Videogame

The original Expendables film was pretty much the perfect movie to base a cheap videogame off of to make some cash: it featured a load of generic action heroes blowing a shitload of stuff up in various locations and in various cool ways. Strangely, though, nobody made a licensed movie game, which is a bit odd given that they’ll make an official movie game based on practically anything these days.

However, it seems that Ubisoft have cottoned on to the idea as they’ve today announced that there will be an official videogame based off of the films sequel, the imaginatively named Expendables 2. Before you freak out, though, you should know that the Expendables 2 videogame is going to be a downloadable title rather than a full retail release, so there’s hope yet that it’ll break the movie tie-in curse! Honest! Er, well okay, maybe not.

The game will feature the four main characters from the film – Barney Ross, Gunner Jensen, Hale Caesar and Yin Yang – and promises to stay authentic to the Expendables franchise, which presumably just means that there will be a lot of explosions, blood and violence. Hurrah!

In the game you and up to three buddies (4-player co-op, FTW!) will set off on a side-scrolling mission to rescue a highly valuable billionaire in a story that ends exactly where the movie itself begins. See what they did, there? Clever, right? They’re also promising plenty of vehicles to drive around in and various locations such as Somalian deserts and Burmese jungles to blow stuff up in.

The Expendables 2 videogame will available sometime this Summer on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC.

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