Cyborg M.M.O. 7 Gaming Mouse Review

Thanks to MadCatz for supplying this product for review.

Buttons, buttons everywhere. As an avid MMO player I realise that you need macro buttons literally at your finger tips in order to get the most out of your characters, but as I gazed in horror at the futuristic transformer like marvel Cyborg had constructed I honestly wondered where I was supposed to place my hand.

You see, Cyborg’s M.M.O. 7 mouse, while similar in look, feel and design to its other gaming mice, has what is essentially nine extra programmable buttons as well as a horizontal scroll wheel to throw into the mix too. Within the first five minutes of playing around with this new monstrosity that would have Optimus Prime confused I’d already mashed just about every extra button I could find with my heavy-handed grip.

With this in mind let’s step back a second and examine what the MMO 7 is all about. This beast isn’t designed for the jarhead shooters or the commanding arm-chair generals. While, yes, it does have a precision mode you can activate at the press of one of the many buttons that slows the mouse sensitivity to a crawl, allowing for some fine tuning to your sniping as well as four programmable sensitivity modes out of the box,  there’s always the MMO player in mind.

This factor is evident straight away by the built-in World of Warcraft add-on. Working with Blizzard’s behemoth this add-on allows you to quickly assign abilities and skills to each mouse button (Except the standard left and right of course) just like you would a standard action bar. While initially I found the system to be awkward and requiring a little fine tuning that might stump some gamers it eventually came into its own.

The problem is that right out of the box, and after downloading the extra add-on using the well-known and loved Curse add-on downloader, the profiles you’re supplied with are hard to work. Without discovering some Youtube tutorials or extra forum posts you’ll most likely find that the mouse’s profiler is a cumbersome tool not meant for mere mortals to mess with.

Couple this with the Warcraft add-on which, while ingenious and definitely a help once you get it working, and you’ll be in for a frustrating time if you’re one of those players who love action bars. You see, from the get go the WoW profile will want to have the mouse using the top action bars instead of the abilities you set using the add-on. Needless to say, this is frustrating and a problem for pretty much any WoW player who’s got past level 20 when the action bars are almost always a must.

It’s a shame that such a great too was so hard to work as once I had figured out the kinks the extra nine buttons are an immense help. Throw into the mix that you’ve also got three different profiles you can program separately and change at the press of another of the mouse’s many buttons and you’ve got yourself a winner.

While we’ve talked about the plethora of buttons to a massive extent the main thing I look for in a mouse is comfort and ease of use. In the comfort section I’ve got to say that so far I’ve not found a comfier mouse to use. Coming from a Logitech G9x mouse to this monster was daunting at first but after you get used to the initial “How do I hold all these buttons!?” feeling the strange design of the mouse molds itself to your hand.

Don’t like the sleek design straight out of the box? Well you’re in luck because it comes with five interchangeable parts, from a pinkie rest to a rugged palm rest and changeable weight that can all be exchanged without the use of a screwdriver or allen key.

Finally, when you’d thought there couldn’t possibly be any more features this beast has one more up its sleeve, possibly the most essential and game changing feature every that should blow away all competition. Fully adjustable backlighting.

You think your mate’s souped up Fiat Punto has some bad ass under lighting ? Well you best check out this mouse first, son, because you ain’t seen nothing yet. That’s right fellas, the left and right mouse buttons both have LED backlighting that can be changed to any colour at will. Want some green all up in your mouse, done. Mix in the toggleable clicking ability and you’ve got an extra four colours. Four! That’s a total of six different colours to play with!

So, not only does this mouse have comfort, immense button mashing ability and interchangeable parts but it’s got more colours flashing around than a gay pride parade. In my opinion this is one of the best mouse’s I’ve ever seen and if you’ve got the disposable income to warrant such an extravagant purchase on an accessory that will set you back nearly £100 then I can’t think of a better mouse to spend it on…

Unless it’s one of those intelligent talking ones of course, those things can make you millions.

The Good:
+ Looks like Optimus Prime’s long-lost brother.
+ Comfortable with interchangeable body.
+ The Buttons!
+ LED Backlighting!

The Bad:
– Macro buttons and profile is hard to set up.
– Can take a while to get used to all the buttons.
– A tad pricey for a mouse.

The Verdict:  8.5

All in all a stunning mouse. If you need something with comfort and precision you’ll find no better than this. However, unless you’re buying it to specifically use with MMOs then the extra buttons may be wasted on you since it’s incredibly hard to find a game that supports them. If you’re an avid raiding roleplayer with a bit of cash to splash then you’d be hard pressed to find anything better but for the Jarhead shooters amongst you might be better sticking to a cheaper option such as the Logitech Gx9 or one of Cyborg’s R.A.T mice.

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