An Hour of Footage From Star Wars: Battlefront III

Star Wars: Battlefront III may have been canned, but the game lives on in the hearts and minds of gamers all over the globe. Over the years various bits and pieces of footage from the game have made it onto the internet, showing the game in various stages of developement. But now a lucky student has managed to get his hands on a very early build of the game and has set about posting numerous videos of it, giving people an idea of what the game might have been like if it had ever seen the light of day.

And then he came with the idea of making an hour-long video of the game if he could reach 1000 subscribers on Youtube. He did, and so he make the video.

Keep in mind, boys and girls, that this is from a very early build of the game, so it has numerous issues, terrible graphics and a lot of missions don’t even work, but it gives you an idea of what Battlefront III might have been like.

Taken directly from his blog:

“Here you go, as promised. Thank you so much everyone for helping me reach 1000 subscribers. Not sure if that last 15 was someone sharing the video page or just trolling me, but 1000 is 1000. This video is almost an hour long, and features lots of stuff that you haven’t seen, with an emphasis on the Cloud City / Bespin map. I have some commentary with it, in my always-geeky voice, but it shouldn’t get in the way. I ask that you do not copy or do your own commentary on the video.

Here is what you will see i the video:

Galactic Conquest
Cloud City Bespin map
Desolation Station
More Cloud City
Crashing Xbox 360s
More crashing
Story Mission on Cloud City
Challenge Mission : Speeder Race
Challenge Mission : Classic Death Star”

He’s got quite a few other videos on his site showing off other aspects of the game, test rooms and more, so make sure to go check them out:


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