Deadpool: The Game Officially Announced By The Merc With A Mouth At Comic-Con

In what could possibly be the greatest day ever, Deadpool, the four-wall breaking Merc with a Mouth, crashed the official Marvel panel in an epic fashion at Comic-Con today to announce that he’s getting his very own videogame in 2013, taking the form of a third-person shooter.

So how did it all go down? Well, right in the middle of San Diego Comic Con 2011, people were surprised to hear some lunatic shouting  a variety of nonsense into a megaphone. As they turned around to investigate the source of the sound they discovered it was none other than Deadpool himself, being portrayed by a very talented actor and surrounded by his own personal entourage filming his exploits, who was now telling everybody to follow him if they wanted to see something cool. Deadpool then proceeded to walk, through Comic-Con, along with his entourage and plenty of gamers and journalists, toward Marvel’s own videogame panel, continuing to spout nonsense along the way.

Security weren’t too chuffed at Deadpool’s ramblings, mind, as they made several attempts along the way to halt the red and black Merc, meeting with failure each time as his entourage quickly explained to them what was going.

And then Deadpool gatecrashed Marvel’s panel, demanding to know why High Moon studios were talking about everything except his damn game. You see, around a week earlier High Moon had created a story about them developing a Hit Monkey game, a story which we can now only assume was a clever ploy, and they were just away to start talking about it when Deadpool burst onto the scene, and since Hit Monkey and Deadpool have had a few run-ins in the comics, he was understandably a little miffed. The Merc with a Mouth then showed off the shiny and altogether awesome trailer for his new videogame.

As publicity stunts go, this one was superbly executed and definitely grabs the attention. A big thanks to the guys for providing the details on exactly how this stunt went down!

 Myself, I’m extremely excited at the prospect of a game starring Deadpool as his fourth-wall breaking antics, insane humour and over-the-top storylines from the comics should all translate beautifully into an action-packed game, as the trailer shows. That means it all comes down to High Moon studios, best known for Transformers: War for Cybertron and Fall for Cybertron, delivering solid gameplay mechanics.

Suck it, Wolverine.

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