Joss Whedon Would “Very Much” Like A Game Based On Firefly – MMO Just “Disappeared”

There’s a good chance that you’ve either already heard of Joss Whedon or have already watched a considerable portion of his work. He’s created such shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse, and has done several films like Cabin in the Woods. He’s also responsible for the third-highest grossing film ever: The Avengers. But to a dedicated bunch of people called the Browncoats, of which I’m a self-confessed member, he’s perhaps best known fort creating the cult sci-fi show, Firefly.

Sadly, Firefly, despite sound outstanding writing, only had 14-episodes shot before Fox cancelled the show. However, the DVD sales for the show were so strong that Joss Whedon got to reunite the cast of Firefly to create a movie called Serenity. Since then the loyal Browncoats have only had comic book versions of Firefly to keep them happy. Aside from the comics, fans have long been wondering if the beloved show would make an appearance in any other form of media. Well, Joss Whedon himself would definitely like there to be a Firefly videogame.

During a near hour-long panel at Nerd HQ where Whedon answered questions from the audience, one fan asked whether Joss had ever considered doing a Firely game, to which Joss immediately reply “Very much, very much.” He continued in his usual light-hearted and joking manner to say, “In fact, eh, I actually ran into Cliff Blezinski last night and we were like, ‘we gotta do Firefly! Yeah, we’re not sober’ .” 

Joss got serious again and said, “I think it [Firefly] lends itself to a game. There was a lot of talk about doing a massively multiplayer one. There was competing companies and I took all these meetings, and then I turned around and it had all just sort of disappeared. I don’t know why, because I think that verse is so ready for serious gaming because there are so many things, so many worlds, so many kinds of ships, so many kinds of things to achieve, so many people to be, so many things to do besides killing….but a lot of killing.”

Joss concluded that, “But yeah, I’m all for it. That’s one thing I think would be perfect mates, but I don’t have that kind of money, so I’m just always waiting for somebody who does to come and say, ‘Okay, let’s go, I have the rights’ .”

The cast of Firefly. The crew of Serenity

So, the offer is out there: Joss Whedon would love to get a Firefly game going, so who is going to take up that challenge? What do you guys think: who should be on developement duties, what style of game would you want it be and so on? Personally, I’d love to see Joss Whedon  team up CD Projekt, the creators of the Witcher, to create a Firefly RPG. The Witcher 2 boasted some outstanding writing which could only be improved with the inclusion of Joss Whedon, who would obviously just have to be included in creating a Firefly game, and CD Projekt proved that they know how to create truly engrossing moral dilemmas that aren’t just black and white, something which would fit in beautifully with the Firefly universe, and that they know their way around branching storylines.

If you want to watch Joss’ whole panel, go check it out at Nerd HQ:

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  1. I had a dream about Firefly the other night. The next morning, I typed up a couple pages of solid coherent dream memory and other ideas that spawned from it–continuity, utilizing all the characters in an unconventional fashion, mini games–the works. When I was done I looked at all of it and laughed and thought “This sounds like a little bit of Assassin’s Creed II and Final Fantasy VI meets Red Dead Redemption, glued together with Halo and smattered with the Tie-Fighter PC game my brother used to play… OHMYGODIWANNAPLAYIT.” Then I started hunting Firefly video games, only to learn there aren’t any.
    My initial design is figured, if I only had millions of dollars to play with, Whedon wouldn’t need to wait.

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