Half-Life 3 To Be Announced At GamesCom? PDF Document Says So, But Other Evidence Suggests No

The Internet is once again going utterly berserk as a possibility that Half-Life 3, the hugely anticipated sequel from Valve, might be announced at this years GamesCom has emerged via a PDF document.

The document, hosted on GamesCom’s official site, lists every game that is to supposed be announced or shown at this years event. On the list are of course titles like Borderlands 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assassin’s Creed III and many more, but what really catches the attention, aside fr is that near the very bottom of the three-page document is a listing for Half-Life 3 from Valve.

For obvious reasons this has gotten fans of the legendary Half-Life series extremely excited, especially as it seemingly coincides with respected magazine Game Informer announcing that for the first time ever they will be going into print a day later to accommodate a major announcement being made at GamesCom.

This is hardly the first time that rumours have been flying regarding an announcement of the eagerly awaited game, though, with fans being adamant that it was going to be announced at this years E3 as well. And we shouldn’t get too excited as a GamesCom employee responded to asking them about Half-Life 3 being at GamesCom by saying, “”We cannot confirm this title. Please keep in mind not all titles on the list are officially confirmed yet.”

This is backed up by the fact that a disclaimer, written in German and translated, states that gaming media, forums and blogs as sources for the compilation of the list and that, essentially, nothing is officially guaranteed or promised to actually be there. For example the document lists Bioshock Infinite as being there, despite 2K already making it clear that they wouldn’t be showing the game at GamesCom this year.

It’s also worth noting that at the start of July Doug Lombardi told Valve fansite LambdaGeneration: “We will have the Steam team there to meet with developers and publishers. No game showing planned.”

Still, this is a fairly interesting bit of evidence. Real, accident or Valve having a laugh? What do you think? Personally my view is that you shouldn’t get your hopes up – this is just yet another rumour that likely won’t come to fruition.

You can read the PDF document here:


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  1. It would be awesome if this is true. Could possibly be in the works and down for a release on the next set of consoles? either way this game is way overdue!

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