Hearthfire DLC Announced For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Build Your Own House!

By now the vast majority of you should have completed the Dawnguard DLC for Bethesda’s ridiculously massive Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So now that you’re once again twiddling your thumbs awaiting something to drag you back into the  dragon infested realm, Bethesda thought it was a good time to announce the new chunk of downloadable content, titled Hearthfire.

Due for released on Xbox Live on September 4th, the Hearthfire DLC is going to cost just 400MPS and will allow you to purchase a plot of land then build your own dream house from the ground up on it. Pretty cool, huh? According to Bethesda you’ll be able to build anything from basic single room little abodes to fully fledged mansions, all done by purchasing or finding the raw materials required and then using the crafting bench. Check out the video above for the full run-down of how it’ll work.

Oh, and Hearthfire will also allow you to adopt a child! Uh, right. I admit that the thought of adopting a child never really crossed my mind in Skyrim, but it could be pretty cool, right?

And what about PC and PS3 owners? Well, as you already know Microsoft have a deal with Bethesda which states that Xbox 360 owners get DLC 30-days before anybody else, so you can expect Hearthfire on PS3 and PC at the end of next month, hopefully.

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