Trials Evolution: Origin Of Pain DLC Announced By Redlynx and Ubisoft.

Let’s be completely honest, here, Trials Evolution is a hugely addictive game. The vast majority of you reading this news post probably still play it at least once or twice a week, and who can blame you?. And now Ubisoft and Redlynx are determined to ensure that you remain completely addicted with the announcement of the games first DLC pack due for release this Autumn. What’s it called? The Origin of Pain. Nice.

Origin of Pain is based around the cunningly named Paine Island, a small, rocky, tropical chunk of land that sits just off the shore of the game’s main area. This small island contains lost temples, a haunted circus, deserted beaches and a massive volcano for you ride your bike over and through in a total of 36 new tracks for you to compete on. On top of that you can expect, “tons” of new editor items and featurs, such as teleporting and gun firing, to be added in so that you can create even more elaborate tracks. A new BMX bike is aso being added into the mix as well as ten brand new Supercross tracks, doubling the total available in matchmaking.

Best of all you’re getting all of that for just 400MSP. Bargain!

If that’s not got you all tingling and excited and such, then check out the teaser trailer above, and see if you can spot the BMXs. And then go check out all the awesome screenshots below.

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