Ubisoft Announce Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger For XBLA, PSN And PC

Ubisoft have today revealed the next game in their Call of Juarez series is going to be returning to its wild west roots, but surprisingly only as a digital download title rather than a full retail release. The new game, titled Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, is to be fourth game in the FPS series ,which has received mixed responses with each release, and will be coming to XBox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC some time in early 2013.

The last outing for the Call of Juarez series was  The Cartel,  an okay shooter that attempted to bring the western vibe into modern-day, a concept which didn’t quite work out as well as it could or should have. It’ll be nice to see the series returning to the wild west setting, as that’s something we don’t really get to see enough of in modern gaming. The choice to go as a digital download title also feels like a smart one. Hopefully the smaller package will allow the developement team to focus on quality above all else.

Gunslinger is set to put you in the boots of a currently unnamed bounty hunter that has set his sights on taking down some of the biggest names around, like Jesse James and Billy the Kid, which should make for plenty of entertaining missions. Concentration mode will be returning allowing you to slow down time and pop off some rounds, but this time it’ll come with a twist: you’ll also be able to use it to dodge bullets. Alongside that a new skill system is going to be introduced, a first for series and one that will hopefully provide some depth to the game.

The game is being developed by the crew over at Techland and, in case you missed it the first time, is set for release during early 2013 on XBox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and PC. No pricing information has been released yet.

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