Bioware Officially Announce Mass Effect 3:Omega DLC.

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting more singleplayer content for Mass Effect 3 then you’re in luck as Bioware have just officially announced  a brand new expansion pack for the game titled Omega, which they claim is the largest Mass Effect expansion ever created. Of course the existence of the Omega expansion pack has been known since before Mass Effect 3 launched. References to Omega based mission were originally included in early versions of the game’s script before being removed for whatever reason. Perhaps even then Bioware had decided to expand upon the missions and release them as DLC, or perhaps they were simply removed because at the time Bioware felt they weren’t strong enough to include in the full title.

Regardless of the reason for this removal from the game the Omega DLC will take us back to the familiar seedy world of the Omega, arguably the most charismatic and interesting setting of Mass Effect 2. Though we did spend some time there I can’t help but feel much more could have been done with Omega, and so the prospect of returning to the shadowed space station is an intriguing one, especially as Mike Gamble said, “It takes you through all the different areas of Omega that you’ve ever wanted to go through.” During an interview at Comic-Con.

Omega’s storyline will have you teaming up with Aria T’Loak to retake the station from the clutches of Cerberus. The plot follows on from the Mass Effect: Prequel comics in which General Petrovsky took over control of the station for the Illusive Man. Gamble has already confirmed via Twitter tha Petrovsky will be in the expansion pack. exactly how Shepard is going to wind up getting involved in all of this, though, is completely unknown, although presumably Aria herself requests his help, probably in return for her helping him out in the final battle. Of course once again for fans of the game who’ve played through the ending of Mass Effect 3 (that’s everyone, right?) we already known how the story ends, thus taking away any real sense of suspense from any storyline set prior to the finale. Still, hopefully it can deliver an engrossing tale that fleshes out Mass Effect’s story arc and lore even more.

According to Bioware this is going to be the biggest DLC for Mass Effect 3 yet, with Mike Gamble saying in a video taken at New York ComicCon that it’ll be “double the size” of the previous biggest Mass Effect 3 DLC. The video interview has since been made private, sadly. Exactly which DLC this is referring to is something of a mystery: Leviathan is the biggest in terms of sheer content, while the Extended Cut is the largest in terms of file size, coming in at 2GB, although that’s actually the file-size limit for DLC on Xbox 360, so…..yeah. Hopefully if it’s referring to Leviathan then that means we can  expect around 6-8 hours worth of content from Omega. Hopefully.

The expansion will also include the first ever female Turian seen in the series! Along with new enemies and challenges for the player to overcome.

But will seeing the female version of Garrus be enough to validate the packs price? Omega is going to be going on sale on Xbox 360 first at 1200MSP, making it not only the biggest DLC for the series but also the most expensive. Playstation 3 users will get the DLC a day later. Currently there’s no mention of a PC launch date.


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