F1 Race Stars Demo Announced, And It’s Available To Download Today! Plus New Gameplay Trailer!

Codemaster’s have today announced that a demo for their upcoming kart game based on their Formula 1 license can be downloaded today on Xbox 360 in Europe and North America! F1 Race Stars features all your favorite drivers in disturbing caricature form and a grand total of eleven tracks to race on, each of which are loosely based on their real-world counterparts. I do stress loosely as the last time I checked Formula 1 tracks do not feature massive corkscrews or as many bright colors.

For PC users the demo will be available to download on Steam worldwide on November 7th. For Playstation 3 users the demo will be up for download on the PSN on November 7th in Europe, while those in North America on November 13th.

And if you can’t be bothered to download the demo then content yourself instead with the newly released gameplay video above.


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