Latest Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Tiitle Update Released Along With Patch Notes


4J Studios have just announced via Twitter that their latest update for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft has started to roll out today! ““We’re getting reports that TU7 is available for some people now! Should be available for everyone within a couple of hours.” they happily Tweeted. This brings the Xbox version of the game up to its seventh title update, continuing to expand on the original release with even more features and things to play around with. So what exactly does this update add to the game? Well, here’s the full details taken straight from the official Minecraft forums:

Change log for Title Update 7 – December 19th 2012

Changes and Additions:-

– Added Breeding and baby animals.
– Added Experience Points.
– Added Enchantment Table.
– Added Brewing Stand.
– Added Mushroom Biome.
– Added new mobs – Mooshroom, Blaze, Villager, Snow Golem, Magma Cube, and baby animals.
– Added Nether Fortresses.
– Updated Tutorial World with new biome, and added mini-tutorials for new features.
– Updated Music Disc quests in the Tutorial World.
– Added custom skin animations, where a skin may have different animations to suit its style.
– Added an option to enable/disable custom skin animations (on by default).
– Added a section on Brewing, Enchantment and Breeding to the How To Play.
– Added new items : Blaze Rod, Ghast Tear, Gold Nugget, Nether Wart, Glass Bottle, Water Bottle, Spider Eye, Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder,
Bottle O’ Enchanting, Magma Cream, Brewing Stand, Cauldron, Eye of Ender, Glistering Melon, Mycelium Block, Lily Pad, Nether Brick, Nether Brick Fence, Nether Brick Stairs, Enchantment Table, End Stone Block, Shrub, Fern.
– Added new multiplayer host trust players options for toggling players’ abilities to mine and use items, place blocks, use doors and switches, use containers (such as chests), attack players, and attack animals.
– Added Avatar Items to the Download Content menu.


Not bad at all, eh? Time to get back to my blocky world and get digging again, I suppose. Maybe this time I’ll manage to build that castle without getting distracted every 5-seconds or being blown up by a sneaky Creeper.


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