Square Enix Reveal The Details Of Tomb Raider’s New Multiplayer Modes Via Video

Not long ago the controversial news came through that the new Tomb Raider reboot was going to feature multiplayer for the first time, not counting the co-op Tomb Raider title that was released on to the digital markets. As per usual the internet exploded with people pre-judging the game’s multiplayer without actually knowing anything about it, with bold declarations that it would ruin singleplayer flying around like seagull poop on a picnic at the beach.

Now that some details have actually been revealed, though, everyone actually seems to like the look of it. CHeck out the newly released behind the scenes video below focusing on the games multiplayer aspects. Personally, I think it looks interesting, although I do have reservations about some of the traps, namely the fake ammo box which looks exactly like the real deal. If there’s no way for the player to actually be able to recognize it as a trap then getting killed by it is going to become frustrating. Being killed because of a lack of skill or because you go ambushed is one thing, but being killed by an object because there was no way of you ever knowing it was a trap is just bloody stupid.

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