Irrational Games Reveal Bioshock: Infinite Industrial Revolution Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-order bonuses are just one of those things we don’t seem able to shake off with publishers announcing more and more of them. Pretty soon they’re going to start literally splitting the game into chunks and declaring you can only play that piece of the game if you pre-order from Burger King at midnight under a full moon while an Italian plays a mournful piano tune in the background. Sorry, lost my train of thought there.

Anyway, Irrational Games have announced that if you run out and pre-order Bioshock: Infinite you’ll get access to the Industrial Revolution pack, which includes:

– 3 in-game items which boost your combat abilities: Sugar Rush, which boosts your speed, Fleet Feet, which boosts your Evasion, and HandyMan Nemesis, which boosts your damage.

– 500 bonus in-game currency

– 5 lockpicks

– Industrial Revolution puzzle game, which is described as, “not just a challenge in itself, but also a fan essential that unlocks backstories of Columbia and allows players to pledge their allegiance to the Vox Populi or Founders through Facebook.”

Sounds okay for a pre-order bonus, and at least we’re not being bombarded by a list of different things you can get from different places! Just pre-order it from anywhere and you’ll have access to the pack!

And did you know you didn’t need to read all of this boring text? You could have just watched the video, you know. But since you’re here, anyway, are you having a good day? Feeling okay? No? Tough.

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