Tomb Raider – The Final Hours Video Collection

The latest Tomb Raider game, which tells the story of a young Lara Craft having to survive on a mysterious island and become the character we all know and love, is getting close to release. And like many big games coming out I haven’t managed to snatch the time to actually stop and talk about it, about why I’m excited for it. That irks me, but I’m one person and so I choose to focus on reviews and the like.  So, since I can’t do much in the way of previews and that I usually end up going trailer and video nuts just before launch to remind everybody that the game is coming out. For your entertainment today, then, is the entirety of the Final Hours of Tomb Raider video series, which takes us behind the scenes of the development of Tomb Raider. Enjoy!

Note: the final video here is Part 1 The Final Hours: The Beginning of the End. Part 2 is not yet out.


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