Activision May Be Interested In Making a TNA Wrestling Game


The WWE brand of wrestling games may finally have so much needed competition as PWInsider claims that TNA Wrestling’s Dixie Carter and Jason Hervey headed out to California recently to see if anybody would be interested in picking up the license to create a game based on TNA. According to PWInsider a “source familiar with the videogame industry,” said that the pair  met with Activision earlier this week.

Just recently Take Two snapped up the license to the WWE games after THQ went bust, raising the question of why Activision didn’t put in a bid for the WWE license if they were interested in creating a wrestling title. The answer could simply be that the TNA license would probably cost far less for Activsion to get their mitts on, and thus pose less of a financial risk for the company.

This wouldn’t be the first time TNA has appeared in game form. Back in 2006 Midway picked up the TNA license and began development of a game. In 2008 they released TNA Impact!, a surprisingly solid title.

Currently there’s no concrete details and so this should be taken with a pinch of salt and perhaps even a dash of pepper. Still, the WWE franchise could do with some competition.




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