No Singleplayer DLC For Tomb Raider – But At Least A Sequel Seems Certain


Bad news if you’re a fan of Crystal Dynamic’s new Tomb Raider looking for more singleplayer content as the developers have revealed that there’s no plans DLC outside of multiplayer.

During a Q&A session on Reddit Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director for Tomb Raider, told a user that: “There are currently no plans in place for any Single Player expansions. All of our DLC is based around the Multiplayer experience for now.”

Obviously this doesn’t rule out the possibility of singleplayer content entirely in the future, but it’s certainly not encouraging.

The multiplayer side of Tomb Raider was, to me, pretty damn boring. Perhaps the development team can improve on it with future DLC, but it seems highly unlikely. Equally unlikely is that the idea that many people bought the game for the multiplayer, so it’s a shame that we won’t see Lara’s adventure expanded upon.

However, there was some good news as Noah Hughes, the Creative Director for Tomb Raider, mentioned this in reply to a question: “We are definitely hearing some consistent feedback that we feel we can address, but it is too early to really answer too much about the next game.” It’s a strong hint that a sequel may already be in the planning stages, which is hardly surprising, especially given the success of Tomb Raider, having sold a million copies within 48-hours.

You can find my views on Tomb Raider HERE.

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