Leaked Documents Suggest Xbox 720 Will Support Virtual Reality Tech, and A “Nasal Experience”


Some exciting new documents regarding the Xbox 720 or NextBox have leaked online, suggesting that the console will have inbuilt support for virtual reality tech, such as the upcoming Oculus Rift. This further suggests that Microsoft are seriously investing in the future of such technologies – a brave gamble, to be sure.

The documents go on outlining several other ┬ácomponents in the console, but the truly interesting part of the report comes from something referenced as the, “nasal experience”, which is listed as working in tandem with the virtual reality technology to create a fully sensory experience for the player by releasing scents while you play, recreating what you see in smell. So, for example, in Battlefield 3 you could expect the smell the blood of innocent noobs, explosions and gun smoke. while in Far Cry 3 you could literally stop to smell the roses. Or that bear you just set on fire. Presumably if you played Halo 4 you’d just smell the inside of the Chief’s sweat-stained helmet, in which case you’d probably be better of just it off.

This wouldn’t be the first time that consoles have played around with the concept of smell-o-vision, but nobody ever thought any company would be insane enough to try it again. Mind you, Microsoft haven’t exactly always had a track record for making sensible decisions.

Further rumours indicate that Sony may be planning a response by announcing their plans to launch a sensory package for the Playstation 4, which is made up of numerous electrical pads that attach to your skin and manipulate your body’s responses using small, electrical charges. Imagine playing the next Uncharted game where you could literally feel it when you get punched in the face? Or where you could get severe shoulder ache whenever you slam yourself into cover like a man far too in love with walls.

Presumably, though, the biggest appeal of the sensory package is that you could actually feel it when yet another company shafts consumers with a terrible product launch or day-one DLC which was clearly ripped from the game. Likewise Microsoft’s nasal technology would be able to pump a distinct smell of feces into our faces whenever a company does one of these things, ensuring that you’re really getting the most out of your consoles.

And did I mention April Fools. April Fools. You know, in case you hadn’t guessed.

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