Crytek USA Want to Purchase The Darksiders IP


When THQ sadly died earlier this year the fate of both the Darksiders franchise and its creators, Vigil Games, looked bleak. No bids were placed on either the game or the developers, and so Vigil Games shut down and the Darksiders IP seemingly died alongside them.

But now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel as David Adams, the CEO of Crytek’s USA office, has sent out a tweet saying:

And don’t worry, the Tweet was sent out on March 27th, so the chances of it being an April fools are pretty damn slim.

So, why the interest from Crytek? Well, shortly after Vigil Games shut down Crytek announced plans to open up an American based Crytek office, which would be made up of 35 ex-members of Vigil Games with David Adams, the founder of Vigil Games, as CEO of the branch. At the time Crytek stated that they wouldn’t be developing any Darksiders games, but that was then and this is now – perhaps Adam and his crew have managed to persuade the head-honchos at Crytek that it’s worth it, especially since they may able to grab it at a very low price this late in the auction process.

Adding a little extra weight is Vigil Game’s co-founder and now Crytek employee Ryan Stefanelli, who confirmed the idea when Destructoid asked him about it: “When the Darksiders IP goes up for auction, Crytek will be bidding for it,” he said. “Not much more to say since the rest is left up to courts and legal shenanigans, but we’re all excited at the prospect.”

The final auction for THQ’s remaining assets, including Darksiders, is due to commence some time today. My love of Darksiders II is no secret, and so I sincerely hope that later today we’re reading another Tweet with the magic words, “WE GOT IT!”

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