A Third Alice Game Could Happen If Fans Want It Enough As American McGee Talks Kickstarter


Are you a fan on America McGee’s twisted Alice games? And if you are have you been literally salivating in anticipation for a third game? if you answer yes to both of those questions then you should probably go and see a doctor about that drool. Also, you should probably jump up and down and make some excited noises, because a third Alice game might just be on the cards.

Back on March 13th (I admit, I was a bit slow on catching this one) American McGee posted the following question to his followers:

“1) If we could get the rights from EA, would you play “Alice 3?”
2) If you’d play “Alice 3,” would you back it on Kickstarter?
3) If you said “yes” to those two things, make some noise – I’m trying to gauge interest in case I happen to discuss this with EA during GDC in 2 weeks. The more interest there is, the more seriously they’ll take the conversation.”

So, the big question now is did McGee broach the subject with EA at GDC? I of course immediately rushed of to check Twitter, since that’s seemingly where bloody everything happens these days, but McGee hasn’t put up anything new on there since February, nor has he mentioned it again on his Facebook, leaving us to quietly sit and ponder what may or may not be…

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