More Star Wars: Battlefront III Leaked Gameplay Footage Appears – It Might Still Get Released

Just a week after Disney announced the closure of LucasArts even more gameplay footage of Star Wars: Battlefront III has leaked on to the Internet, once again showing us what could have been.

The leaked footage is actually for a project titled “Version 2”, but LucasArts were  going to be turning “Version 2” into Battlefront III, according to Kotaku.

“[There’s] a very vocal audience that’s clamoring for Battlefront III,” said a source. “We were hoping to eventually give it to them.”

Yet not all hope should be lost. While many fans are lamenting LucasArts closure, believing it to mean the end of Battlefront III for good and Star Wars 1313, it now actually leaves Disney free to license out the games to other developers, meaning there is still a chance that we’ll see Star Wars: Battlefront III get released. It’s a small hope, but doubtless one that many people, myself included, will hold on to.

And why not, after viewing that leaked footage? Obviously the graphics on display were rough, but the core gameplay looked like great fun. In my own view it looked like a prime digital release, allowing the company who created it to simply focus on delivering a multiplayer downloadable experience without having to worry about a singleplayer campaign and the like.

One thing is for certain: Disney won’t just let their Star Wars license just sit there and do nothing. With the closure of LucasArts they announced plans to license the Star Wars name out to other developers. I have no doubt that such a license would be a highly valued commodity amongst developers.

Still, the fate of LucasAerts projects is up in the air at the moment, and we’ll all just have to wait and see what happens. Especially since recent rumours that EA were planning on purchasing LucasArts were squashed when EA themselves told Kotaku:

“The entire game industry is in transition as we build more efficient organizations to deliver games on popular new platforms like mobile and consoles. EA is not currently considering any major acquisitions.”


NOTE: On an unrelated topic this news piece is officially the 1000th post on this site. It’s not exactly a reason to bake a cake or break out the champagne, but to me it’s still pretty awesome!

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