Trion Worlds Release New Defiance 1.013 Patch On May 2nd – Patch Notes Included


Trion Worlds have just released another new patch for the TV/MMO hybrid Defiance, which in other news has just surpassed 1-million registered accounts having been out for a month, so if you fire up the game today be prepared to do a little updating.

This patch brings the game up to version 1.013. The most notable changes here, apart from the usual bug fixes, is that the Freight Yard competitive map is now back in action, several of the co-op maps have had their level requirements dropped a touch so you can get access to them sooner and, most importantly in my eyes, players will now be able to access Contracts at an Ego rating of 175, rather than 250.

Here’s the patch notes in full:

Patch 1.013 Notes: 
– Freight Yard competitive map is back!
– New World Thugs data recorder has been fixed to always work regardless of your level
– Old Friends, Old Swords: Added failsafe to fix situations where the mission does not advance
– Project Aegis, Part 1: Set the turrets to disable 15 seconds after combat has been complete
– Project Aegis, Part 1: Fixed the issue where some enemies were spawning without using a spawn vehicle
– Increased the times and locations of the emergency necessary to fulfill the “Svushinnira: Just Business” contract
– Lowered the minimum level required to gain access to Contracts from 250 to 175
– Removed one of the runners from the Mount Tam crash site to improve driving paths
– Vehicle stats will no longer show up as zero in the vendor buy screen
– Weapons that require an EGO Rating of less than 250 have been added to Faction vendors
– Lowered the minimum level requirement for the Soleptor Excavation co-op map to 100
– Lowered the minimum level requirement for the Island of Lost Soldiers to 150
– Lowered the minimum level requirement for the Scrapworks Salvage to 225

It’s good that Trion are still working hard on improving the game. And yes, I will get around to reviewing it eventually, I’m just honestly not sure at what point I’ll feel happy about doing so. At what point do I declare that I’ve played enough to sit down and write out a review?

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