Saints Row 4 PAX Gameplay Demo Footage Released Along With Commentary

The gameplay demo shown the gaming press at PAX this year has been released on to Youtube, giving us all a first-hand look at what to expect from the next entry of the Saints Row series.

Those who have been with the franchise since the very beginning are quick to criticize the radical change in direction. The first two games were certainly barmy, but they were still sort of grounded in reality, putting them almost directly in competition with the mighty GTA. The third game, though, chose to go even more ludicrous. And now the fourth has just gone plain bat-shit crazy.

Personally, I like the change in direction, but I do understand why others have been caught out by it. Sure, it’s a pretty major change in tone, but at least they’re embracing the madness fully rather than riding the middle-ground line, and frankly I’m pretty sick on games having to be grounded in reality – sometimes it’s nice to just get to go utterly insane and have fun with all manner of awesome stuff. Realism is wonderful and everything, but creativity needs time to shine as well.

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