Avalanche Studios Might Consider Creating Games For Ouya.


A small yet interesting snippet of news today that comes from a small interview with Avalanche Studios, creators of the Just Cause games, in the latest issue of Games TM, which just hit subscribers doorsteps today.

Amidst other topics covered the magazine asked Avalanche Studios CEO Christofer Sundberg: “Do you think you’ll work on third-party consoles, like the Ouya, or is that too much fragmentation for a small studio to do?”

Christofer replied: “It depends if it’s a commercially successful platform; if it is, we’ll definitely look to support it. I was a backer, so I have their development kit. I like having it on my desk, it makes me look intelligent.”

Doubtless this is the same position for many developers out there, all waiting to see if Ouya, which is due to finally get to its retail launch on June 25th, is going to be a commercially viable platform to develop for. The Ouya has had considerable hype, but those that have already gotten the little box of promised wonders don’t seem to be all that impressed.

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