The Xbox One Does Actually Require An Internet Connection, And Needs To Connect At Least Once A Day


After their major reveal of the next-generation Xbox One Microsoft seemed keen to point out to media outlets that their new console did not have a requirement to be connected to the Internet all of the time, leaving many gamers feeling relieved, particularly those living on military bases where Internet connections are not available.

However, clarification has come through from Microsoft revealing that while the Xbox One does need to be connected all of the time, it certainly does actually require an Internet connection in order to function.

Firstly, all games purchases for the Xbox One will come with a code you need to enter while installing your game, and that code needs to be verified online, so you’ll need to be connected for that.

And secondly Kotaku reports that the Xbox One needs to connect to the Internet at least once a day, for reasons that remain unknown. Speaking to Kotaku Phil Harrison explained the console thusly:

“There are many devices in your life that require the Internet to function,” he said. “Xbox One is no different in that it requires, at some point in the beginning and at various times through its on state, to connect to our cloud and to our Internet. That is to deliver Xbox Live functionality, that is to deliver download content to you, that is to deliver some of the innovations around TV and entertainment that we showed today. But it doesn’t require it to be online all the time.”

Kotaku questioned him about this, to which Harrison replied:

“For single-player games that don’t require connectivity to Xbox Live, you should be able to play those without interruption should your Internet connection go down. Blu-ray movies and other downloaded entertainment should be accessible when your Internet connection may be interrupted. But the device is fundamentally designed to be expanded and extended by the Internet as many devices are today.”

So they then asked the obvious question:

“Kotaku: If I’m playing a single player game, do I have to be online at least once per hour or something like that? Or can I go weeks and weeks?

Harrison: I believe it’s 24 hours.

Kotaku: I’d have to connect online once every day.

Harrison: Correct.”

Exactly why you need to connect every day is a mystery, and one that I can see now answer to. if the console is designed to function fine should the Internet go down, why can it not continue to function without a connection? Exactly what would happen if you didn’t connect remains a mystery. Hopefully there was just a bit of a communication error here, but should this prove true this will be a major blow to those gamers out there in military bases, and to anyone who just wants to play games with Microsoft having to know every little detail about their lives.


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  1. Microsoft has already made their stance on the military perfectly clear. “We have a console for them. It’s called the Xbox 360.” Frankly … they’ve just lost a WHOLE market right there. And they act like “everyone” has net connection … sorry, there are still a LOT of people, even in BIG cities who don’t have an internet connection. And WiFi connections with the xbox360 was a nightmare. So … uh … gee, I guess those of us without steady internet are boned? Yup. Sounds like it.

    Hello PS4!

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